Machine Learning Powered Forecasts in Google Sheets

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Works in Google Sheets

Use any data you can import into a spreadsheet

Combine your business knowledge with machine learning

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Forecasting without machine learning

  • The natural human desire to tell a "nice" story biases results
  • Estimating seasonal effects and the influence of external factors takes a long time
  • Updating a forecast is a slow and cumbersome process
  • Accurate forecasting and re-forecasting are a source of stress for busy teams

Other machine learning forecasts

  • Easy to access cutting edge machine learning algorithms
  • Importing and exporting data from other tools is hard and time consuming
  • The forecast algorithm can only work with the data it is given; and it doesn't know what isn't in the data. Off the shelf tools offer no way to enrich the data with the teams' input
  • If the forecast is wrong or obviously bad there isn't anything you can do about it
  • All of the above negatives are much less of a concern if you have access to enough data science resource to support your forecasting needs.

Forecasting with Forecast Forge

  • Powerful forecasting algorithm initally developed at Facebook
  • Develop reports and dashboards using a tool you're already familiar with; a spreadsheet
  • Use your own knowledge to help the algorithm make a better forecast — Enter business specific data (e.g. dates for next year's Summer Sale, anticipated media spends, product launch data) for the algorithm to use.
  • Can be used by the Marketing team without the assistance of the Data Science team
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Plans and Pricing

Get 12 months for the price of 10
Or pay monthly for more flexibility


A basic self-serve forecasting solution

  • Full Access to the Google Sheets Addon
  • Make forecasts in any number of sheets
$28 per month Get Forecasting!

Small Team

More support for small teams and businesses

  • Training for up to 5 team members
  • Help from Richard with up to 3 custom forecast templates
$89 per month Let's Go!

Large Team

Better forecasting across your organisation

  • Training for up to 12 team members
  • Help from Richard with up to 8 custom forecast templates
$179 per month Start Today!


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What do you get in each plan?

The difference between the plans is the amount of support and training you are guaranteed to get from me.

The features of the tool remain the same.

Standard Small Team Large Team
Price $28 per month or $280 per year $89 per month or $890 per year $179 per month or $1790 per year
API Keys

Having multiple API keys enables you to better control access to Forecast Forge. You can revoke or rotate a key when a team member leaves

1 Up to 5 Up to 12
Number of Sheets

You can use Forecast Forge in any number of Google Sheets

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Forecasts Up to 50,000 per month Unlimited Unlimited
Training Free access to learning resources Training in forecasting principles and how to use Forecast Forge for up to 5 people Training in forecasting principles and how to use Forecast Forge for up to 12 people
Help from Richard with Custom Forecast Templates

Working together to build a custom forecast for a business you know is the best way to learn and understand what Forecast Forge can do.

None Up to 3 Up to 8