Forecasting Case Studies

See how other people are using Forecast Forge and read about their successes

PR and PPC Forecasting with BJ Enoch

BJ Enoch is the director of digital marketing at The CE Shop.

In his current role he has seen great results using Forecast Forge to predict PPC returns and in his previous job he was able to use it to estimate the effect of PR activity.

When talking with BJ I have been particularly impressed by his creative use of regressors to make sure that the forecasting algorithm has absolutely the best information for making predictions. This has worked really well for him with his PPC forecast that has some incredible accuracy numbers!

Estimating ROI during pre-sales with Ian Daniels and

Ian Daniels is a director at a UK customer experience and digital agency.

He works a lot with the Adobe stack and has a very good idea of the percentage uplift it can generate. But in order to calculate an ROI he also has to know the baseline scenario; where will the business be without Adobe?

Calculating this baseline for was complicated by UK lockdowns and changes in the stamp duty tax.

Read about how Ian used Forecast Forge to estimate a variety of lockdown and stamp duty scenarios to give reallymoving a better idea of what ROI they could expect.

Ecommerce Forecasting with Dipesh Shah

Dipesh is a marketing consultant who links technology, data, and analytics to help businesses grow.

Read about how he forecasted ecommerce revenue in Q4 2020.